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"Are You Worried About Surgery?"


Has your back pain been properly diagnosed?


Have you been referred for physio sessions but the problem has not resolved?


Are you worried about permanent spinal disc damage and surgery may be your only option?


If you contact me for a second opinion, I will tell you the truth.


You will understand your problem clearly and I'll try my best to solve your problem, WITHOUT drugs, injections, or surgery.


If you want to overcome chronic joint pain and spinal disc herniation,

call my secretary for an appointment: +971 52 875 2667




“Do You Want Fast Relief From Your Back Pain?”


Long term back pain can be a very stressful experience, and if you've been in pain for some time, it may be due to an irritated nerve, a disc prolapse, or even osteoarthritis. 


Well, here's some good news for you:


There's a new treatment that's helping patients with spinal-related joint pain and disc herniations!


You really can live pain free – even if you have the most excruciating back pain right now, and you think you’ve tried everything.


Keep reading if you want to know more.




Specialised Spinal CorrectiveTreatment For Chronic Joint Pain & Disc Injury


Does your back start to ache as soon as you wake in the morning, or does it get worse as the day progresses?


Or are there sudden, sharp pains that shoot from your neck and spread into your shoulder and down your arm to the hand?


Are you feeling numbness in your hands or tingling in the buttocks or legs?


You may think you can live with it, but you really should not ignore these symptoms.


How about bending forward at the sink to brush your teeth or playing sport with the children?


Does it hurt?


If you answered, “yes” to any of those questions and you’ve already tried physio, alternative treatments and conservative care, then you really need help.


You may have a spinal disc injury, or a host of other issues affecting your spine, which means your PAIN is there for a reason.


Has your doctor told you to give up your favorite sport, because of your back pain?


Is weight bearing activity, such as walking, running, or even standing causing discomfort?


If so, it's not nice to feel young and healthy mentally, but feeling old physically due to the back pain. And it's worse when that back pain … just won’t go away!


Hi, my name is Dr. Sharik Ali and I am a British doctor specialising in pain relief here in Dubai.


For eleven years now, both in The UK and in the UAE, I’ve seen many people with back and neck pain; degenerative disc disease and even spinal disc prolapse become PAIN FREE!




Well, while attending some post-graduate conferences in Dallas, Texas US, I discovered an ultra-specialised pain relief protocol that helps people just like you get rid of BACK PAIN, and helps with joint inflammation at the same time.



“A Proven Pain Relief Option

Other Than - - Drugs, Physio or Surgery”



I’ve found this unique treatment has a profound effect if you’re suffering from back pain.


The treatment works fast, it’s effective, and you’ll usually feel results within the first few hours.


This amazing spinal pain treatment is fast because it helps the damaged tissue structures.


This spinal pain treatment has been tested literally thousands of times in my clinic and has been shown to help you with unconditioned back muscles, poor posture, nerve and joint pain, plus it can help boost your immune system because your tissues are no longer inflamed.


This means this specialised method of treatment could potentially be your solution. If it is, it’ll allow you to live a more active lifestyle, mobile and care free, like you are at age 19 or 20.


Now, I have many friends in the medical field, and some of my colleagues treat professional athletes like I do. As you know, athletes get injured on a regular basis. Because of new treatments like this, they recover fast, without any pain, so it does work. This treatment protocol for spinal joint and disc injury works because…


"It Promotes Rapid Healing

And Gets Rid Of Your Pain!"


Could This Non-Invasive, Natural Treatment Be The Answer To Your Back Pain? Maybe yes, maybe not.


I really want to answer that question for you, so I suggest you to find out if you're a candidate for this non-surgical treatment.


An OFFER you cannot refuse: CALL MY SECRETARY… right now, and I’ll give you…

  • A private & thorough consultation/interview where you tell me your circumstances and everything about your spinal pain, from A to Z. I will listen to you; really listen to you.

  • Then, you’ll get a complete nerve, muscle and spinal joint examination to find the “real root cause” of your problem. 

  • And finally an analysis and report of your exam findings so we can determine if this treatment is the right choice for you.




I’ll answer all your concerns and questions about my specialised treatment and what it can do for you. I will NOT waste your time or my time. You won’t be sitting waiting around like you may do at other clinics and hospitals.



To take me up on this special



Call my secretary now:

+971 52 875 2667


Call anytime and tell my assistant that you saw my website and you want to schedule for a spine and joint pain examination.


You have no risk or obligation and a lot to gain, but you have to act now. Don’t wait. Call now and we’ll schedule your consultation and exam as soon as there’s an opening. 




Dr. Sharik Ali


Secretary: +971 52 875 2667


P.S. I'm located at:


Northwest Clinic,

935 Al Wasl Road,

Umm Suqeim 2,

Jumeirah, Dubai.


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Many corporate executives and directors are making an educated decision and benefitting from our intervention and advice:

"The Severe Back Pain Has Gone".


“I had a a very severe back problem a couple of weeks ago; its been going on for a long time. So I decided to get it checked out, and I’ve spent the last couple of weeks with Dr. Sharik Ali and I’m very pleased to say that the severe back pain has gone. I’m managing to walk the dogs without any pain”.


Ian J. (Dubai)

"So many recommendations on Dr Sharik"


I did some tests in London, I have a disc problem in the low back. So many recommendations I saw on Dr Sharik and the recommendation of so many people. According to that I decided to come to Dr. Sharik, and because of his long experience with different patients.

Yesterday, my first session, Alhamdulillah I got a little bit better in my neck pain, some flexibility and movement, and even in my lower back pain, I got some relief.


Dr. Mahmoud F. (Dubai)

   “He works magic, with the way he tries to find where the pain is and deal with the pain”


“Hi, my name is Nahed. I am one of Dr. Sharik’s patients. I want to say thank you, and I owe him a lot and a great deal for helping me. When I came here to this clinic to see Dr. Sharik, actually I had something called ‘sciatica’, and that was really painful. I was going through lots and lots of pain; I was in tears actually. I don’t think the doctor will ever forget the way I looked when I came here. Now look at me, I am just back to my normal life almost. I can just go wherever I want. I can go up and down the stairs; its because of his help and consistency. He works magic, with the way he tries to find where the pain is and deal with the pain”.

 Nahed M. (Dubai)

"I was having some sciatic problem and it was really affecting during the driving and sitting in the office.


But alhamdulillah after attending 5 times with Dr. Sharik it really improved, and 60 - 70% it has been improved, thanks to Dr. Sharik".


Safdar I. (Dubai)


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“Hi I am Dr. Morsi. Actually I had a terrible pain in my back. And my dr in Egypt said I have disc problems. I came here to Dubai according to the reputation of Dr Sharik. And, actually I felt much, much, much better with him. And I am very thankful to him, because he gave me the chance to regain myself, and I am now walking, sitting, sleeping, no problem with me, in five or six visits. This is miracle actually. Thank God, and thanks to Dr. Sharik”.


Dr. SelaEldin M. (Cairo)

"His Hands Are A Blessing".  

Dear Dr. Sharik Ali,

    I am writing this letter about my back. When I first went for treatment on my back and posture problem with Dr. Sharik Ali I was having problems sleeping because of pain in my pain, and also my posture was very bad.

   After Treatment over the last few months my posture greatly and it is very rare. Now I hardly suffer problems with my back.Dr. Sharik Ali is amazing, very friendly and a good person. His hands are a blessing. 

I am very happy with the treatment and Dr. Sharik Ali


Maria Del Carmen T. (London)

[Cuban; letter translated into English].


                                          "I don’t feel the pain anymore in my legs"


I was suffering from back pain. I was not even able to put my leg on the ground. My right leg was really in pain. With my back, I was not able to sleep, not able to move properly. I came to Dr Sharik 12 days ago and we started the sessions 10 days ago and I can tell you that alhamdullah I feel much, much better. I would say like 70% and now I can move normally; I don’t feel the pain anymore in my legs or anything so I would definitely recommend for you to come to Dr. Sharik".


Sherif M. (Dubai)



"I can walk. Its amazing how easily we take life for granted.

But truely I owe thanks to Dr.Sharik. Thank you really ".


Basel M. (Dubai)

“I noticed a lot of improvement, I don’t have any more pain in my shoulder and my back, and generally I am feeling more comfortable and I am doing my normal day and activity.

The back pain I would feel in the mornings especially on the weekend when I sleep a little longer. Now, For the back pain, I don’t feel it anymore”.


Tarek Massoud (Dubai)

"At my second assessment I reported to Dr Ali a 95% improvement in my neck pain and manoeuvrability. I hadn’t realised how much I was turning my body, instead of my neck because I couldn’t’ turn my neck without pain. I was so happy to be able to turn my head easily and quickly, without even thinking about my neck!"


Andie Barlow (London)

"Throughout the process, I have found Dr. Sharik to be incredibly welcoming and warm. He always shows great enthusiasm and energy and I have looked forward to my visits to the clinic. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Sharik to anyone".


Dr. Donny Wong, Ph.D. (London)

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Address: Northwest Clinic, 935 Al Wasl Road, Umm Suqeim 2, Dubai.