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“I wish I had met Dr Sharik Ali before”
     For years I had been suffering of various forms of pain in the lower part of my body, especially the feet and legs. That was due to bad posture. In the past I have tried physiotherapy and various kinds of exercises, but with few results. 

     After only two weeks into care not only have the pain in my feet reduced, but also the numbness in my leg muscles has significantly diminished. I wish I had met Dr. Sharik Ali before!


Dr. Andrea Zanardo, PhD

Rabbi, UK.



“I’ve been dealing with a lower back problem for the last 6 years. I had issues with my lower back in the lumbar disc between L4 and L5. I went to physiotherapy for about 4 months, and all I gained from that was what range of motion was possible for me and what I should avoid.


We had a seminar at the office and that’s where I met Dr. Sharik. He convinced me to actually come in and give him a look-up, and I’m glad I did because from the very first 3 sessions I was able to sit comfortably in my car seat, and not feel that soreness in the lower back that I was feeling for the past years. And the progress has been really good and I think I will keep coming back to get this thing sorted out”.

“It’s hard to put a percentage but I would say it was quite significant because I went from a nagging pain in the back to being able to sit comfortably and actually drive, and not have to keep standing up and stretching and stuff like that inside the car”.



Q. What do find is good, or different about our approach here compared to other methods?


“I’d say for one, that follow-up is really good. There is constant attention to where the pain currently is and how to patient is in terms of comfort levels and stuff like that. It’s a really professional set-up”.


Lyndon Baldrey, 41 (Dubai)

“Okay so over the last number of weeks we’ve been going through several sessions of corrections and I’ve started to notice a significant change in motion of my golf swing.


I’ve Been able to clear my left hip on impact much more, and turning across my body. As a result, I’ve seen an increase of 15 to 20 yards on my drive, but more about aggression and going into it with confidence that my back is strong and I can really attack my golf swing and golf club”.


Q. What about the range of motion through your shoulders?


“With shoulders and particularly the back; its all about confidence so it feels strong, and it feels like I can attack every shot and I don’t have to be cautious of it and pull out at the last minute, so I can really drive through the ball and extend my swing up to the finish, better”.


Q. And is that a clear difference from before?


“Massive, massive difference; huge. I was always coming across my body and therefore drawn and having a huge fade in the ball, whereas now I’m getting much more penetrating flight”.


Alistair Law, 40 (Dubai)

"Dr. Sharik is always very welcoming and professional and his treatment and encouragement have helped to relieve and manage the pain I was experiencing in spite of continuing to work in an office environment".

Caroline Rogers (London)

"I was suffering from severe low back pain since 2003. It ached badly after a night sleep and hindered by flexibility especially exercising.

I started attending your practice in July, about 6 weeks later I was able to reach my right toes with my right hand without sharp pain at the back of my leg".

Toyin A. (London)

“I found Dr Ali to be very friendly and professional”

Ms. Veronica Shaw (London)