Case Studies

Here`s some feedback from just a few of our patients:

I came here first time with a severe pain in my back, and I was entering the room with a wheelchair. After 15 minutes it was amazing with Dr. Sharik and I walked again. I could stand up again without a wheelchair.


After 3 weeks now I can pray standing all the tarawih praying because the last 5 and 6 years I was sitting all the time praying. But now thanks to Dr Sharik now I am praying while standing”.


Amal Sedky, 54 (Dubai)



“Okay so over the last number of weeks we’ve been going through several sessions of corrections and I’ve started to notice a significant change in motion of my golf swing.


I’ve Been able to clear my left hip on impact much more, and turning across my body. As a result, I’ve seen an increase of 15 to 20 yards on my drive, but more about aggression and going into it with confidence that my back is strong and I can really attack my golf swing and golf club”.


Q. What about the range of motion through your shoulders?


“With shoulders and particularly the back; its all about confidence so it feels strong, and it feels like I can attack every shot and I don’t have to be cautious of it and pull out at the last minute, so I can really drive through the ball and extend my swing up to the finish, better”.


Q. And is that a clear difference from before?


“Massive, massive difference; huge. I was always coming across my body and therefore drawn and having a huge fade in the ball, whereas now I’m getting much more penetrating flight”.


Alistair Law, 40 (Dubai)



“I’ve been suffering from quite excruciating shoulder pains. Its been going on for more than a month; almost two. I relied purely on pain medication all the time, until I came to see Dr. Sharik.


In over five; 7 days, I’ve seen significantly less pain. Im much more mobile. My work skills have improved because, because before with the pain I reduced a lot of the movements I did. So I must say, I’ve seen great improvement in only a week and I look forward to the rest of the treatment”. I’m 60% better at least, if not more”.


On 26th March 2014


“Well as Ive discussed with Dr. Sharik, first I came because I had shoulder pain. Its now moved way beyond that right now. I mean obviously the pain has subsided and I feel a lot more movement in the joints that I did want to have looked at by Dr. Sharik and his advice; but at this stage it just feels that I am a lot more energised. I feel a lot healthier. I feel a lot more energised in my work, so I believe its not just coming here for one joint pain, it’s a life plan I believe, and its really motivated me to go to the next step and keep this going because I feel much better than I have in many years”.


“I’m less lethargic; I feel, for me physically, if I could explain, it feels I have less of a weight carrying on my shoulders. Stress; not really a problem right now. I think your outlook changes as well. The better you feel physically, your mental attitude changes as well, which I think is important”.


[Regarding his prescribed exercises]


“Actually I have a little ritual; I do them in the morning first thing when I get up. I feel better, you know, you feel more, to coin the phrase again, ‘energised’; you just take on the day, whatever comes. I split the exercises into 3 – 4 sessions during the day. And this keeps me going. Physically I feel 100% you know, I feel a lot more supple. I feel like I can… the challenges that are in my job are quite physical; I can do a lot better. And I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a life plan; not just a quick fix on a pain”.


Alan Snyman, 44 (Dubai)



“Keen Golfer Had Acute Lower Back Pain On The Left Hand Side From The Bottom 3 Discs Of The Back”


…Now He’s Able To Power Through Golf Swing Without Hesitation.


I had acute lower back pain in the bottom 3 discs of my back which was causing a lot of pain so obviously was my initial reason for coming in. It hadn’t quite gone down; it was mainly on the left hand side, although there were no shooting pains; just down the left hand side.


Q. And what have you noticed being under care?


Well over the weeks of having the intensive treatment it’s improved greatly. I have much more flexibility, especially playing golf.  I like to play golf. I only play once a week or so, but before when I was playing, like 9 holes, I’d start stiffening up. Now I can play 18, and I come of the golf course feeling loose rather than like a piece of wood”.


Q.  What is hampering your game before, the pain?


Well yeah that does of course, because it restricts your movement and therefore you know, golfers will appreciate you need to make a full turn in your back swing and if you’re restricted to doing that then everything else goes out of sync”.


Q. And what was the difference you noticed after treatments in your golf game?


Just everything. Once your back is loosened up then obviously all the other things follow. `I was hitting the ball better and further, because I was getting more range of movement and being able to power through my golf swing more than I was before, without being hesitant and not being able to do a full turn.


So in that respect it’s been really worth it and just generally; the working out in the gym; generally doing the exercises that have been recommended. I feel much more looser and everything is a lot healthier”.


David Brown, 54 (Dubai)



"The Severe Back Pain Has Gone"


“I had a a very severe back problem a couple of weeks ago; its been on going for a long time. So I decided to get it checked out, and I’ve spent the last couple of weeks with Dr. Sharik Ali and I’m very pleased to say that the severe back pain has gone. There’s still a lot of work to do, but I know if we continue to do these sessions it’s only going to get better. I’m managing to walk the dogs without any pain”. I’m actually going to try out this weekend and get to the gym and see if I can do some running on the treadmill, pain free; but I’m looking forward to the next few months where there is no pain in my back, and we’ll see where we go from there”.


Ian James, 50 (Dubai)






“Lumbar Disc Problems Between L4 And L5”


Despite 4 Months Of Unsuccessful Physiotherapy, He Was Still Suffering For 6 Years. Now He’s Able To Sit Comfortably In His Car Seat And Not Feeling The Soreness After Only First 3 Sessions.



“I’ve been dealing with a lower back problem for the last 6 years. I had issues with my lower back in the lumbar disc between L4 and L5. I went to physiotherapy for about 4 months, and all I gained from that was what range of motion was possible for me and what I should avoid.


We had a seminar at the office and that’s where I met Dr. Sharik. He convinced me to actually come in and give him a look-up, and I’m glad I did because from the very first 3 sessions I was able to sit comfortably in my car seat, and not feel that soreness in the lower back that I was feeling for the past years. And the progress has been really good and I think I will keep coming back to get this thing sorted out”.



Q. What % improvement would you give it?


“It’s hard to put a percentage but I would say it was quite significant because I went from a nagging pain in the back to being able to sit comfortably and actually drive, and not have to keep standing up and stretching and stuff like that inside the car”.



Q. What do find is good, or different about our approach here compared to other methods?


“I’d say for one, that follow-up is really good. There is constant attention to where the pain currently is and how to patient is in terms of comfort levels and stuff like that. It’s a really professional set-up”.



Lyndon Baldrey, 41 (Dubai)



“Herniated Disc At C5/C6 With Shooting Pain And Numbness In The Finger”


Well I’m here because I have pains in my neck and my lower back. I feel pain, its constant pain. Basically its an accident that I had 20 years back, and it caused a herniated disc and also pain that has gotten way out of hand. Especially as I sit a lot, on computers, I work a lot. And now its becoming intolerable and its restricting my movement a lot. So hopefully I’d like to loosen this pain; just straighten up my spine, which is crooked.

Basically my disc is in the C5/C6 which caused some numbness in my finger and of course pain; shooting pain. And sometimes even my sciatic nerve would hurt.


Q. Have you tried to address this in the past?


I did. I always did. I’ve done several therapies and sessions, but never did any operations because I tried to avoid that.


After 1st day of correction


Since yesterday, basically my first session, I felt 40% difference in my low back. Its less painful. And I feel that it’s a little stretched and relaxed so I was able to sleep better. So its good so far.


As far as my left shoulder and neck problem. I had a very good night’s sleep after one session of treatment, which was miraculous for me as I don’t sleep that much. So pain is less and I’m more mobile, and I was basically able to sleep with less pain.

It was deep and uninterrupted sleep. I sleep for 4 hours on average and I managed 7, which was double the time.


On the 6th visit


“After 6th session my neck feels much better, and not strained like it used to be before. It used to strain so fast. It was hurting a lot, and wasn’t mobile. Now its much more mobile, I can move it easily. I don’t strain as much. Its not tender in places where it used to be so tender.


As far as my lower back is concerned, I’m feeling some change in my lower back because I had constant pain before. It was all the time. Now I have pain thresholds which are completely different. Sometimes I don’t feel anything, sometimes the pain is higher so I feel that there’s a fluctuation in whatever I’m having. So I feel there’s a certain change in my body. My pain is not stagnant anymore and I hope this will lead to releasing all the pain and relieving all the tension in my lower. So it is now a battle; it is uphill and downhill sometimes”.


[Regarding other side effects]


“That is a very weird thing because I felt that my concentration is stronger. Memory is stronger. And I’m getting more focussed in certain things. Because at one point I was suffering from blackouts, and forgetting certain events. So I’ve become more focussed on so many levels. I didn’t expect this”.  



Obeida Sidani, 40 (Dubai)





“I was unable to walk upright,

and my pains became constant”


Hi my name is Vanessa, I’m a Qualified Nurse with over fifteen years experience, in the Clinical field. In 2006 I was involved in an accident, and suffered whiplash, which worsened the headaches I was already suffering from. My injuries also left me with severe pain in the back, neck and shoulder. I don’t have to tell you how this can affect one physically, not to mention emotionally. The inability to cope with my deteriorating health impacted badly on my family life, work, social life, and lifestyle. Care and treatment under Dr. Ali has made a vast difference.


Over the years, I slowly began to lose my mobility, balance, I was unable to bear the weight off my head; my arms felt like dead weight, and I would wear clothing that had pockets to support my arm, in order to manage the onset of severe shoulder, back, and neck pains. Over the years I have been to several medical professionals, both state owned and private, but with no solutions.


Each year it seemed I developed a new condition, including sinus problems, and I felt there was no hope.


Prior to receiving treatment under Dr. Sharik Ali, my condition had worsened to the point where I was unable to walk upright, and my pains became constant; with daily agony. I had restrictive rotation of the neck and shoulders. I lived with this pain daily, as sadly most medical professionals had no answers.


I had my first consultation with Dr. Shatik Ali in May 2012, after all other practitioners had given up. He did not; and in a situation like mine, this meant a lot.


I had worked in a broad spectrum of healthcare, including Forensic Psychiatry, Care of the elderly, children’s services, and also in the capacity of a safe guarding child representative, for my local authority. I’ve also worked with clients with learning disability. I am a clinical tutor, and have taught both theoretical and physical techniques for protecting yourself, should one be attacked. I have experience both in the private and public health sector. Despite all of this, I am grateful to be under the care of such a dedicated professional, as Dr. Ali. I have found his systematic, consistent and proactive approach to his clients, most efficient, and effective.


After suffering in severe pain for the better part off six years, within only two weeks of commencing treatment under Dr. Ali I began to experience marked improvement, for the first time in six years.


After my initial three consultations, and treatment with Dr. Ali, I noticed my sinus problems had completed alleviated! I am happy to say, it remains at bay. I have also regained much of my balance and I am able to bear the weight of my head. The mobility in my neck has improved, and my headaches are more predictable and better controlled. I have been able to decrease the use of pain relieving medication.


Dr. Ali's friendly, empathetic manner, professionalism, dedication, and positive attitude has given me much hope for the future. Something that was not there, prior my admission to his programme.   


I also wish to mention, and commend Dr. Ali on the time, he spends on advising, promoting, and educating me, about health issues. Displaying his genuine concern for my safety, and wellbeing.


Dr. Sharik Ali, we need more clinicians like you in the world.

On behalf off my family, myself, my friends who have stuck by me through such torrid times, I wish to thank you, for giving me hope of a better life.


I am happy to say that feel a lot more positive about my future.


Thank you Dr. Ali, and May God bless and guide you.


Forever Grateful


Vanessa Braithwaite


8th October 2012; Hertfordshire